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B2B lead volume by +117% and lowered CPA by -27%

IoT B2B LEAD GENERATION CASE STUDY How we increased B2B lead volume by +117% and lowered CPA by -27% in just 3 months

ABOUT THE CLIENT The client is an Italian tech company providing IoT solutions for managing and localizing vehicles, people, and goods. They operate in a fast-growing B2B market, where marketing activities go hand in hand with technological innovation. CHALLENGE The main goal for the client was to scale the volume of sales leads, reaching high-quality stakeholders in the relevant industries demanding IoT solutions to improve their operational processes. The main obstacles were the high cost-per-click (CPC) and the high volatility of the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of the leads. The control of performance was further complicated by the long sales cycle, in which the delay from first contact to a closed deal requires even several months. SOLUTION The first accomplishment to reach the goal was to ensure to have in place all the necessary tracking and relevant indicators for full control of our main variables: CPC and CPA. The analytics system thus was upgraded to collect micro-data of the users’ interactions over time across all the viable contact points. We then executed a full in-depth revision of the structure of the Google Ads account. Starting from keyword optimizations and going through a more rational grouping of services and audiences, we gained more control over the bids and budget allocation. After the new data pipeline flowed, we crafted new ad copy sharpening the more relevant content in terms of tangible benefits based on the user’s industry. RESULTS After just three months, the goal was fully achieved, with an average monthly increase of lead volume by +117% over the previous monthly average. As a result of the bidding optimization and the granularity of the campaigns, an overall CPC reduction led to a CPA decrease of 27%, stabilized within a 5% fork variation month over month. The sale team was able to increase the conversion rate of deals dramatically. SERVICES PPC MANAGEMENT: Consulting, Google Ads, Search, Retargeting. WEB ANALYTICS: Google Analytics Tracking, Reports.

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