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After hiring our agency, the Australian cosmetic brand saw an increase of sales by 208% and generates $50,000 in revenue through Social Geeks Digital Agency management of Facebook & Instagram Ads over the first 5 month period.

The Client’s Story

Our client is a Cosmetics Company promoting natural products to enhance eyelashes and eyebrows. After hiring our agency, our cosmetic brand client saw an increase of sales by 208% and generated $53,000 in additional revenue through Social Geeks management of Facebook & Instagram Ads over the first 5 month period.

Their Goal

Improve Sales through the use of Facebook Ads

They wanted to improve sales on Facebook but they are getting busier each day going forward. They wanted to effectively improve sales and lighten the workload.

Their Solution

Working with Social Geeks Digital Agency

To move forward in getting more sales and effectively manage workload, they decided to work with us, Social Geeks. Through our Rapid-Fire Testing, we have great success in finding the right audience and cost-effective solutions in improving their sales, traffic, and revenue.


In a span of five consecutive months, Social Geeks were able to:

  • Generate a 15.55% Conversion Rate

  • Increase ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) from 4.39 to 7.18.

  • Decrease of 70.40% on conversion Cost

  • 208.38% increase in purchases

  • Total earned value of $52,853.86 in Revenue

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